Ciao Glasgow!

•August 27, 2012 • 1 Comment

This past year has gone quickly – I can’t believe I’ve been in Glasgow, and on the scheme, for 1 whole year!  How time flies!  I said I would keep this updated, and, I haven’t!  So much has happened I wouldn’t know where to begin!  But, here is a very brief update!

  • Channel 4 training has been awesome: met loads of really talented and creative people, really inspiring!
  • My other trainee friends are amazing, I feel very privileged to be on the scheme with them and to know such awesome, talented people!
  • Have a few credits under my belt!  These are: Russell Brand from Addiction to Recovery (BBC3, TX 16th Aug 2012); The Real Wicker Man (C4, TX TBC); Seeking Someone Special (BBC2 Scotland, TX 24th Sept 2012 TBC).
  • Made a short film for the scheme about the beautiful Arlington Baths here in Glasgow!  Watch it below!
  • Worked with some lovely, lovely people at Matchlight 🙂 They have a bigger sweet tooth than my previous job – how is this possible?!  (May have told them about my Eddie Stobbart obsession – even playing the Asian card didn’t help with that one!)
  • Lost a tooth. (And got it back).
  • Visited the Highlands (on a STEAM TRAIN no less!).  Beautiful!
  • Had wet feet on a number of occasions.

I will be sad to leave Glasgow, even though it has been a hard year up here on my own.  I’m very thankful though to all my friends, family, and lovely John for all their support.  But now, my time is coming to an end here and it’s back down to Manchester for another new adventure!  Not sure what the future holds for me, but nonetheless, it’s another challenge and I can only stay positive!

Thanks everyone!


The start of a new Chapter

•September 4, 2011 • 1 Comment

The coming months will bring changes and new beginnings for many, not just myself.  I will soon be moving north to Glasgow and I feel sad to be saying goodbye to Manchester (for now!).  But saying that, with change comes new experiences and personal challenges, and it is this which I want to embrace and make the most of my year in Scotland.

Only briefly have I visited Scotland – Edinburgh for a weekend, Glasgow for a day!  Soon, I will be moving there not knowing anyone, the place and what the new job will bring.  None the less, I am extremely excited to be going and can’t wait for what lies ahead of me!  The 6 years I have spent in Salford have been wonderful, indeed, life changing!  The friends I’ve made, the work I have done, the places I’ve discovered!  I will be sad because these last 6 years have been so character building for me, and everyone and everything which has complimented that will be in my heart forever!  But I speak as if I will never see Manchester again!  Nonsense!  I’ll be back to visit (the weekend after I move actually!), and who knows, after my years’ stint in Glasgow I may once again be without a job and could return to Manchester?!  Who knows!  It’s this unknown and endless possibilitie which is driving me on right now 🙂


Apart from myself, changes are coming to many around me – my (soon to be former) colleagues at the University who are currently undergoing an organisations restructure; my flatmate who is embarking on a solo journey buying a house (a big step to adulthood!); a close friend starting a new job (he’s very talented!); another friend starting on the path of further education; and lastly, my best girlfriend who is soon to be married!  Regardless of size, all of these changes are significant in their own way, and I hope that all who are involved make the most of these changes and embrace them with open arms.  For better or worse, in hard times and tough times, each corner turned is a step closer to the next chapter of our lives.

Northward bound

•July 13, 2011 • 1 Comment

The past week or so has been a whirlwind of everything! With under 2 weeks to go before Shades with lots to do (key crew finding, equipment booking, transport organising yada yada), every minute must count. I then had a big twist of events…

I found out i had passed round 1 of the Channel 4 Production Coordinator Training Scheme application process! This meant i had to go to London for an assessment day which took place on saturday. The assessment day, which comprised of a group presentation, interview and written assignment, was 5 hours long and somewhat exhausting! It flew by though! And out of 5000 applicants, 17 ppl were narrowed down for 3 different jobs. My particular job had only 3 competitors (including myself!). Nail biting times i tell you! We were told we’d hear the outcome on monday…

Monday morning came and went; monday afternoon passed by… Then at 4:55pm as i was finishing off some work emails the call came. I was offered the job as Trainee Production Coordinator!

Shaking and almost teary, i gladly accepted the position 🙂 In little under 6 weeks i will be moving to Glasgow! I’ve never been but I hear it’s very similar to Manchester. For the past 6 years Salford and Manchester have treated me well and have shaped me into the person i am today. For that i am thankful and with my hand on my heart can say that i will truly miss this place. Of course, i’ll be back to visit, and i may return after my 1 year stint, but who knows what the future will hold!

To the new, the unknown, and to the posibilities! 🙂

Watch this space!


•July 3, 2011 • Leave a Comment

It is indeed the time of year where Shades are needed!  Amazingly we have had some beautiful weather here in Manchester the last couple of days, fingers crossed it stays!  Not only that, we’ll be shooting Shades of Living at the end of the month – outside and on a farm, so really fingers crossed then that we have wonderful weather!

That’s right, this is the 2nd production role for me on a short and loving it so far!   My role on this is Production Manager and despite having a few set-backs, we’re on roll to shoot 22-24 July.  Things are slowly falling into place and I’m really looking forward to the shoot!  Not only that, Mama Fi will be joining us for the shoot and lending a hand.  Should be…interesting! 😀 It will be good for her to see just what I do and how much goes on on set!  It really is a team effort and it’s amazing to see everyone working, particularly as we’re all doing it for love 🙂

Apart from that, the last short I worked on, The Invitation, went really well!  The shoot itself was BRILLIANT and I was reeling for weeks afterwards!  After a very quick turn-around, we had the screening last week and what a wonderful turn-out!  There was stand up comedy, the fim and the making-of.  We had really great feedback and I was sooo proud of everyone involved! Good times!  It really does make me realise how much I love doing shorts!

Next on the list I’ll be working on a Music Video as Assistant Producer.  Not too sure of the details yet but we’ll be on a beach! hehe

Slowly, and I say very slowly, I’m working on my own script ideas to hopefully one day be able to make my own short film.  Will keep updated with that one! (Don’t hold your breath!).

Till next time! 😛 x

For Love or Money?

•April 23, 2011 • 1 Comment

Well it’s the Easter bank holiday weekend and boy have I been looking forward to this!!  This past week I was working on a commercial and it was what I call non-stop busy!  My role was Art Runner and yes, it involved zooming around to various places picking up props under a very tight schedule.  It also required navigating round the city centre (usually at rush-hour) and I’m almost on a first name basis with the staff at B&Q in Ashton!   It was what I call a little stressful, more so because I was getting paid peanuts.   As the days went on, and the more I could see the Art Department getting messed about, the more frustrated I was getting.

However, cutting a long story short, on the final day of the shoot I volunteered to pick up some Sparks from the Lighting Company HQ.  Despite desperately needing a lie-in, this was the best thing I could have done!  I managed to meet the big boss of the company who I had a lovely chat with, and a cup of tea!  Somehow, starting the day with this chilled me out a little and I started to enjoy the shoot again; and it really did make my day!  🙂

The rest of the day was pretty good too, as we’ve had some amazing weather recently and we were filming outside in a garden!  Hence, Fiona got a tan!  This final day, being completely exhausted, was the best day of the shoot for me and it just brought home to me that yes, I do love my job!  I work long hours, get strange looks for driving a van, get completely filthy and stain my hands, have developed un-feminine muscles, and get paid monkey currency.  It’s so easy to be put on and to feel unappreciated but I still put 150% into every shoot I do.  I know that it won’t last forever and I am learning so much on the job.  So I can still safely say that I love my job!  😀

What’s even more exciting, is that not only am I Production Co-ordinator for a short film starting soon, I have been asked to be Assistant Producer on another short-film!  Wahay!!  So the next 6 weeks are going to be crazy busy for me, but I know that if I put 200% into it all, I know I won’t regret it 🙂

I absolutely love my work 🙂

2 Teas, 1 sugar, 3 coffees, 2 2 sugar…

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The game to try and remember how many sugars people take in their teas and coffees has begun!  I am not known for having a wonderful memory, in fact, I am known amongst my friends and as having the worst possible memory ever!  So unfortunately for me, my recent roles as Runner do involve me to try and train my brain to remember!  When I saw unfortunately, I mean because it is a very difficult process for me!

The last shoot I worked on (yesterday) did indeed involve a lot of beverage making, and by the end of the 14 hour day, I just about managed to remember how about 4 people take their tea and coffee!  Fortunately, some of these people I do work with fairly regularly and *may* even remember how they take their drinks next time, others I may not.  That is the name of the game though i’m afraid!  The ever changing nature of this industry means having to adapt quickly and to be on your toes to keep up!

I hope I won’t be making 101 drinks and constantly washing up forever, but at least I understand that this is what I have to do to get out there, be known and get that much needed experience!   I’m sincerely hoping that I do make a good impression on the people I work with because i’m really bad at the whole networking thing!  I do work hard and really try and help out as much as possible, I always try and learn something on every shoot (I learned yesterday that if you’re stuck in a whirl pool, you just get sucked to the bottom!  Ok, so I know it isn’t media related but it’s still something I found fascinating!!!!) and always try and make friends with everyone.  Just trying now to step up my game and show them what I’m made of!! 😀

Was that coffee or tea with 1 that you asked for?

Nail Biting and Boom Operating

•March 6, 2011 • 1 Comment

The last few months seem to have flown by at such a speed that I can’t even think where to begin!

First off, a New Year come New Challenges.  Challenges that I have set for myself and hope to be able to put them into action.  2011 now has to be about developing myself, my skills, my creativity and ultimately, to get a job!  Luckily, I’ve already done 3 shoots up to now (which I suppose isn’t much, but for a beginner it’s not bad!).  A bit of Running, Stylist Assisting and the most fun of course, Boom Operating!  This was working on a short film called f-Hole produced by Factory Gate Productions.  What a great story and it was great working with a wonderful crew.

Actually, what was even better was that it gave me the inspiration to put down a few of my own ideas!  f-Hole is loosely based on real events, and it made me think, “hmm, well I could give it a try!” why the jeff not!  Obviously I’m not a writer, well, I’ve never tried, but there’s always a first time for everything!   Along with trying my hand at writing, I’m also applying for numerous training positions; such a nail biting time because there are so many paths to take, but also a lot of road-blocks along the way.  I guess persistance is the key and not letting rejection get me down! :S

Also big news, I have finished my dissertation!  I handed it in on time and now eagerly awaiting the results.  Fingers crossed they should be out this week :S   It was quite bizarre seeing my work all hard-bound and official looking, buuuut I’m not sure if I ever want to read it ever again!  Fingers rcossed all the same!

Last week I felt quite proud of myself, although only a really simple thing,  I helped organise some filming in a nightclub in Manchester.  I’ve been helping out a colleague recently with some promo work for the University and one area they need is ‘nightlife of Manchester’! So off we trundle on a tuesday night around Manchester… the city was dead! haha but we still got some decent material, and the club was fine too.  We get there pretty early so the club was rather empty, but it did have some willing dancers and it did start to fill up enough for us to get some good footage!

Oh yes!  I decided to enter the British Highcommission Film Competition in Brunei, titled “A Bruneian in the UK”… here is my entry.  I would appreciate your vote!  I worked quite hard on it and had a few sound issues, which tbh I don’t think have been completely sorted!   But, hoping that it is still a good contender!  There is some tough competition though I must say!  If I didn’t win the iPad, I’d actually be quite happy with a T-shirt! hehe 😀

Actually speaking of writing (back up the top), I wrote an article a while back for a prominent Blogger/Tweeter in Brunei, @BruneiTweet; it has just been published on his website, check it out!

Well, it was a pleasure retuning to my blog as it has been quite a while!  Hoping that I’ll have updates soon and not leave it so long!  I’m also off to Brunei in a couple of weeks for a very special birthday for my mum!  So checking out now and catch you all soon!

Laters gators Xx